There is Grace in Waiting

There is Grace in Waiting

I lit a candle this morning for me, for you and for all of us who are dealing with the impact of trauma. For the numbness that leaves us absent and longing for what we often can’t even name.

The Spiritual Impulse

Honour her as your deeper self and let her guide you. She loves simplicity and slowness.

Survival Stress

As we wake up from the demands of the personal identity a new relationship with the body begins to awaken as well.  The body is no longer seen as a means to an end but an innocent and alive mystery with an innate intelligence…..

The Right Conditions

Human beings are like plants.  We do really well in the right conditions and poorly in the “wrong” conditions.  It’s up to us to discover what the right conditions are for us to heal. 

Living with Loose Ends

I sense that death will welcome us into her arms when she is ready for us. It won’t be one moment too late or one moment too soon. She will have her final say.

A Very Strange Day

Did you ever have a day when the best thing feels like beginning again tomorrow.  It wasn’t a terrible day just a strange day filled with little inconveniences.

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