There is something very healing that happens in a safe relationship with a skilled and compassionate therapist. Many clients say that counselling sessions with Candace have allowed them to feel safe, perhaps for the first time, in the company of another person.

When we feel seen and heard our sense of safety, belonging and personal value can finally begin to emerge.

Safety is not the absence of threat… it’s the presence of connection. ~ Dr. Gabor Mate

Trauma Therapy

Candace works with clients to build a foundation of compassionate self-awareness, safety, stability and support that naturally increases capacity and resilience within the physiology.  Once there is more capacity in the system the experience of overwhelm begins to dissipate and the person experiences a sense of being more present; more calm, grounded, peaceful and a greater capacity for pleasure and beauty. Relationships begin to shift and there is a renewed sense of being able to deal with every day challenges.

“Trauma can seem like an ongoing tidal wave of karma that has no end.  A little respite here and there and then another wave. It’s essential that we remember that right beneath that tidal wave is an ocean of quiet.  A quiet and mysterious immensity.  An oceanic wonder that we miss completely when we are fixated solely on the wave.  Every surge we experience comes directly from the depth of the ocean.  The quiet wonder of who we are.

If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick every day.” ~  Leonard Cohen 

Nervous System Health

In order to support the healthy regulation of our nervous system we need to be aware of what’s happening in our body. We need to learn how our body reacts to stress and provide the proper conditions for the body to deactivate from the habitual stress responses of flight, fight and freeze and return to a sense of safety within.

Healthy regulation of the nervous system is essential to our well being. Our physiology is wired for repair and our nature is compassionate. Our nervous system responds when we provide the right conditions. Candace teaches her clients how to work with the natural inclinations of the nervous system rather than against it.

“When our nervous system begins to regulate the whole world seems to breathe a sigh of relief.”  ~  Candace Kirby

“Trauma and Spiritual Awakening

Candace began her spiritual search at a very young age. A meeting with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at 11 years old began a decades long devotion to self awareness, meditation, spiritual practice.

“The biggest embrace of love you’ll ever make is to embrace yourself completely. Then you’ll realize you’ve just embraced the whole universe, and everything and everybody in it.” ~ Adyashanti

The intersection between spiritual awakening and trauma healing led her on a 10 year journey of studying trauma and the nervous system and learning an approach to healing trauma that integrated 3 decades of spiritual and therapeutic practice. She soon realized that for those of us who have experienced trauma in our childhood – healing trauma IS the path of our spiritual awakening.

“When trauma healing and spiritual awakening are seen as one impulse it becomes a much more natural and gentler unfolding.”

If you are at a crossroads where your childhood trauma is impacting your longing for spiritual awakening and are interested in working with Candace please fill out the form below.

Free Consultation for Private Sessions

Candace is happy to provide a free 20-minute telephone or Zoom introduction to see if there would be a good fit to work together.

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