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Private sessions with Candace begin with an easy conversation which invites the physiology to settle. “We get to know each other.” There will be no demands on you to show up in any other way than how you are. You get to be you.

“Candace has a quality of warmth, tenderness and stability that naturally invites settling and deep rest. The nurturing slowness and ease of her approach communicates, ‘it’s safe here’.”

Candace has a highly nuanced, gentle and compassionate way of working with the underlying physiology of trauma. It works. Compassionate self-awareness, safety and building capacity in the nervous system is the foundation of her approach.

This is a gentle approach with deep respect for the innate wisdom and healing capacity of each individual.

The impact of a traumatized physiology is a tremendous burden. When we believe that there is something we must do to free ourselves from the burden of our suffering we can tie ourself up in knots. All the ways we try to “free ourselves” can keep us identified and entrenched in our pain. What if we could ask for support, learn to slow down; notice the bigger context our our lives; trust and let our system unfold by it’s own intelligence.

There is never a good reason to put pressure on a physiology that is already under pressure. Candace will help you release that pressure so you can experience more enjoyment, happiness, ease and freedom in your life.

If you are interested in working with Candace, or have questions about rates and availability, you can review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Free Consultation for Private Sessions

Candace is happy to provide a free 20-minute telephone or Zoom introduction to see if there would be a good fit to work together.

All of Candace’s services are Trauma, PTSD, Complex Grief, Chronic Illness and Benzo withdrawal symptom sensitive.

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