Always the Same

Mostly I don’t have a clue what to do next so I listen and when it becomes clear that action is required I act but not one second before.

I’m Still Holding Her

I never really understood that not being able to read the cues of toxic or abusive behaviour was a trauma response.

The Soul of this Moment

Just for a moment I invite you to be unhurried. Be slow and quiet. Lean in and listen to what’s below the noise.

There is Grace in Waiting

There is Grace in Waiting

I lit a candle this morning for me, for you and for all of us who are dealing with the impact of trauma. For the numbness that leaves us absent and longing for what we often can’t even name.

Survival Stress

As we wake up from the demands of the personal identity a new relationship with the body begins to awaken as well.  The body is no longer seen as a means to an end but an innocent and alive mystery with an innate intelligence…..

The Right Conditions

Human beings are like plants.  We do really well in the right conditions and poorly in the “wrong” conditions.  It’s up to us to discover what the right conditions are for us to heal. 

Even the Birds are Quiet

It’s not our natural state to be overbearing and heavy with unprocessed pain. There is a more embodied way of being that begins with truth telling, compassion, listening and a willingness to see.

The Reverberations of Trauma

The Reverberations of Trauma

The reverberations of trauma begin in childhood and echo throughout our lifetime. With loving awareness new pathways can be formed in the brain and redirected towards wholeness.

The Trauma Wound

The Trauma Wound

The trauma wound goes back to the disconnection that happens during a traumatic experience in childhood. Our natural state is connection. Disconnection is the result of trauma.

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