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I look forward to joining you in unravelling the beauty and mystery that is you – Candace


When we feel safe, seen and heard our sense of safety, belonging and personal value can finally begin to emerge.

Upcoming Events

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The Impact of Trauma

When we experience trauma there is a shift that happens in the physiology…

Trauma Therapy

Candace works with a systems approach to healing trauma called Organic Intelligence.

Nervous System Health

Healthy regulation of the nervous system is essential to our well being.

Trauma & Spiritual Awakening

Healing trauma IS the path of our spiritual awakening.

Work with Candace

Candace’s work with clients comes from a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary education and training in Counselling, Nervous System Health and Healing Practices, 25 years of experience working with clients and her own personal healing and spiritual practices.

Online Interactive Courses

Imagine loving your life and being able to care for yourself and bring yourself back to a state of peace and acceptance when you can’t. See EVENTS

Private Sessions
Private sessions allow you to focus on creating safety and settling in the physiology… LEARN MORE
Monthly Event

Join Candace in learning how trauma and layers of social conditioning impacts our capacity to experience the beauty, pleasure and goodness that is available in every moment.

A monthly online event

About Candace

Candace Kirby has a quality of warmth, compassion and sincerity that naturally invites settling and deep rest. She evokes a response from the innermost and hidden places of the heart.

Her grounded presence, the nurturing slowness of her voice and quiet presence communicates, “it’s safe here”. She “whispers” to the nervous system. Come rest.

With a simple and safe approach, Candace encourages a less is better, skillful approach to healing and spiritual awakening.


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Candace Kirby, Counsellor

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