When we live from the past we are governed by the habitual nature of our mind.  Seeking comfort.  Seeking love. Seeking peace. These are activities of a traumatized nervous system that is stuck in a pattern of survival.  Never safe.  Never enough. Never really here.

Just for a moment I invite you to be unhurried.  Be slow and quiet.  Lean in and listen to what’s below the noise.  Below the fear and excessive thinking.  Your body knows she belongs here even if your mind is somewhere else.  Our bodies ache with longing to be here.  To be planted firmly in the present moment.  Stable and secure.  Anchored here.  When we’re not here we suffer.

We can’t define the soul of this moment with words.  We can try but words will always fall short.  It’s not an emotion but it can evoke deep emotions.  It’s more of a sense.  We can sense that the soul of this moment awakens something deep within our own being.  It’s our true twin flame.  It burns up the residues of the past and all sense of separation.

There is a momentum in our nervous system that can make it difficult to be here.  It can be disorienting to know that the present moment holds the promise of everything we long for and yet there is a forward moving momentum that seems to demand that we be somewhere else.  You might even be feeling that right now as you read these words.  This is what I call the momentum of the past.  The momentum of survival.

To support your nervous system I gently invite you to bring your attention back to the present moment.  It’s as if you are unhooking your attention from the past and bringing it into contact with what’s real right now.  Notice the contact between the ground and your feet.  Your seat and the chair.  Look around and soften your gaze to settle on objects in the room.  Notice that it’s safe here.  It’s ok here right now.   Be receptive to sounds in the background calling you back here.  You can reach out and touch a soft blanket on your lap or the fabric of your clothes.  You are bridging the gap between past and present through your senses.  Be slow and don’t demand that your nervous system settles but simply infuse her with cues of safety, comfort and gentle support. 

The soul of this moment is immensely quiet and unassuming. Present.  Her nature is vast and unconditional.  Tender and welcoming.  Unmoved by appearances.  She is gently persistent in revealing our confusion so that we might embody her clarity.  Sometimes she even turns our whole world upside down so we can be rebuilt from the bottom up.  A kinder, truer and more grown up version of ourselves.  As we become more intimate with the soul of this moment we begin to know that a transformation is happening.  We are being transformed and all seeking ultimately ends here. 



You are welcome to join me and a small group of friends for our weekly free online gathering:  A Resting Place  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

All of Candace’s services are Trauma, PTSD, Complex Grief, Chronic Illness and Benzo withdrawal symptom sensitive.

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