Holy Mother

I need your help today.

I need to know you’re close by.

Help me remember who I really am

and release the patterns that keep me

bound and limited by the past.

I need to feel your presence.

Your love and your protection.


Free my heart.

My soul.

My body.

From fear,

I’m always afraid.

Free me from self protection,

I don’t feel safe.

From self judgement,


excessive trying

and everything that keeps me small and constricted. 

I’m tired.

My body hurts.

Free me from self-rejection and from seeking approval from others. 

I feel alone and deeply hurt.

Free me from false beliefs about not being loved and not fitting in.

My pain feels inconsolable.

I need to know your arms are around me.  Close by.

So I can rest, speak, move and live in service to your divine love. 

In your grace.


© candace kirby

Candace Kirby, Counsellor

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