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Free Online Orientation Practice: An Anchor into the Present Moment

February 1, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm PST

​In order to stabilize and support our physiology as we heal from trauma or chronic stress we must find our sense of ground in the present moment. A solid anchor that allows our physiology to recognize safety and support here in the present moment.

Orientation is a simple and slow neurosensory practice of connecting to the present moment through the senses. It helps to restore a sense of safety, stability and support to the physiology.

We don’t want to be pushed in all directions by the media, our own minds and the collective surges of overwhelm. Those of us who aren’t in the epicentre of a crisis we need to hold our ground. To be present. To be connected to our source of courage, love and wisdom. To sit or stand upright in our solidarity with truth and all that is meaningful, good and sound in this world. We need to hold onto the intention to always speak and act from a place of greater wisdom and unconditional love.

We are not in control of what is happening in the world but perhaps in our willingness to stop and allow our systems to rest we can offer that rest to those around us. We can be a small island of calm in a very turbulent ocean.

Having a practice is no longer a luxury. Having a practice that connects us to the heart and soul of each moment is essential if we are ever going to restore a state of equilibrium in ourselves and our collective humanity.

Practice brings us back here, home, where we can align our internal compass with peace, unconditional love and eternal wisdom.

You are invited to join me and a small group of participants for this free event.

“I am so deeply grateful to have found these practices. I wish they had an icon for jumping up and down and clapping your hands. Maybe doing cartwheels.
Thank you, Candace, for these simple, gentle way of feeling safe in my own skin.” ~ Participant

Free Online Guided Orientation


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February 1, 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm PST
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Candace Kirby
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