If you find yourself looking for validation start with nature; a tree will mirror your quiet strength and dignity; a flower will reveal your authentic beauty and the ocean will fill you with wonder about the mysteries you hold.

If you are still left wondering spend time with animals; spiders, ants and ladybugs who all have a purpose in being here; birds that sing simply because it’s their nature to sing; snails that embody slowness and forest creatures who understand creature nature.

And your pets who love you unconditionally in spite of your gnarly parts. Allow your nervous system to attune to the warmth of their bodies and compassionate presence.

And if you have a safe human who knows how to stay and be present and aware of your beauty in all of it’s disguises. Let them see you. Let them hold you.

Believe them when they reflect your goodness.

And when you have quieted be curious about what it is about you that needs no validation at all.

© Candace Kirby

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