This morning I will read poetry

commune with the trees

feed the hummingbirds

and pull a few weeds

from the garden.


Make coffee

and eat toast with jam.


I will light a candle

for my holy mother

and the firm ground

on which I stand.


I will clip some

flowers from the garden

with deep gratitude

for their sweet offering.


I will drink tea

and eat chocolate.


I will take the garbage

to the dumpster

I love the word



I will pause

when something

shows up afraid

and needing my attention.


I will make time

for the trees

who have always

made time for me.


I will rest

when I’m tired

without needing

a reason beyond the fatigue.


I will sink deeply

into my unmade bed

and leave the window wide open

to the gentle breeze outside.


I will wake rested

with time for what’s next….

© Candace Kirby

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