When we were children many of us experienced an event or events that were too big to bear. This is the origin of trauma. Our little bodies couldn’t digest the mental, emotional and physical overwhelm. It was too much. We began to wall off our pain and memories in order to survive and remain in relationship with our caregivers. These coping mechanisms came at a great cost to our vitality and capacity to be here.

For those of us who are healing from childhood trauma we will inevitably come upon these well-defended and very tender places.

This can be a great challenge. Because we weren’t safe, openness and vulnerability can be experienced as a great threat. Too much vulnerability triggers our survival mechanisms. We are often left confused and wondering how to traverse this huge chasm on the path of healing.

If early childhood trauma is your experience you are not alone.

Healing from childhood trauma requires holding out your hand and asking for help. The kind of help that wasn’t available when you were little. You need a stable, kind and compassionate holding space to guide you through this process.

“We were hurt in early relationship, which means that we’re going to heal in relationship. Relationships can be the grounds for healing if approached properly.” ~ Gabor Mate

In time your own capacity will grow and you will be able to meet life on your own terms. You will learn to hold your own hand and heart as a beloved guide. You will begin to know yourself as the unlimited and unconditional love you have always been seeking.

You will become your own resting place.

If you are struggling with the impact of childhood trauma please reach out and ask for help. As you heal you will come to know a love bigger than you could ever imagine. You hold the key to your own liberation.

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