What is Love when we don’t seek anything beyond this moment.  What is love right now?  What is love when we don’t stop at words or hallmark cards. What is love when we’re single, coupled, healthy, suffering, grieving or dying?  Love has no definition and is not limited by our circumstances.  It isn’t defined by a mark on the calendar.  Love meets us where we’re at.  Love meets us here when we’re feeling our most unloveable. 

Love is Lily the cat stretched out in front of the baseboard heater, and little Maisie, buried under her blankets.  Love is the sound of traffic and the tap tap of the computer keys.  Love is the curiosity in the question.  Love is waiting.  Love is the gentle breeze outside from last night’s storm.  Love is the space between lovers.

Love is the space in the room that holds the question, “what is love?”.  Love is the curiosity and patience that listens for the answer rather than settling for words and experiences of the past.  Love is beating this heart right now.

Love is knowing that the one thing that is trustworthy is this moment.  Love is feeling held here.  Safe here.  Love is seeing that all things are welcomed here in this space.  Love is the experience of enough.  Love is listening for the next sound without any expectation of what it will be.  Love is not knowing the answer to the question.  Love is the body bracing. Love is the next breath and the next and the next.

Love is two hands joining together in gratitude.  Spontaneous. Head bowed to the mystery that can’t be limited or defined by words.  Love is the simple unearned grace of being here.  An alive mystery. 

Love is right here where I am.  Love is right there where you are.  Love is knowing that in that love we are one.

“You are the soul of the soul of the Universe, and your name is Love.” ~ Rumi

All of Candace’s services are Trauma, PTSD, Complex Grief, Chronic Illness and Benzo withdrawal symptom sensitive.

Candace Kirby, Counsellor

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