As my attention rests more in the present moment I notice that I have stopped looking for answers outside of my own experience.  Everything I need to know is right here in this experience I’m having.  Facebook posts can’t speak precisely to where I’m at nor can spiritual teachers who are not residing here in this experience.  They’re helpful but not precise.

Coming to trust the unfolding of the present moment is life’s greatest gift.  She teaches us that we are inseparable from everything that exists.  This morning I noticed how unsettled my nervous system was so I took a little walk about…..

A nest of baby spiders remind me how easily

we kill things when we don’t understand their value.

A sliver of sunlight coming through the clouds.

A glimpse of settling.

A bumble bee bumping his head against the screen door

without recognizing that it’s a closed door.

Sweet confused bumble bee.

My fingers gently caressing my lips as I struggle to speak

this simple truth. 

A whole system of immediate and precise support.

If only I can see.

A gentle breeze moving through the leaves of my Japanese plum tree

inviting me to slow down. 

Slowness is what I need today. 

A pair of doves landing side-by-side on the hydro line

remind me that peace is here

in the midst of confusion. 

Sweet confusion.

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