When the body is in service to the personal identity; we push it too hard to keep up with a lifestyle we can’t afford; in an attempt to distract we feed it food and substances that the body can’t digest; we impose restrictions on it; we use products and chemicals it was never meant to absorb; we deprive it of sleep; we sleep too much; we use our sexuality; we shut down spontaneity; we apologize for the natural functions of our bodies; we dress it up to attract attention; we shut it down; we rev it up with caffeine and sugar and numb it out with technology.

We smile when we feel sad, mad or devastated. We override it’s cues of not feeling safe. We take medication so we can go to work when we really need to rest and we deprive ourselves of the basics of fresh air, good nutrition, water and exercise.

As we wake up from the demands of the personal identity a new relationship with the body begins to awaken as well.

The body is no longer seen as a means to an end but an innocent and alive mystery with a natural intelligence that has nothing to do with the mind’s interpretation. It calls us home. We begin to listen. We love and care for our bodies in a new and simple way. We let go of deprivation and excess.

We honour our bodies as the merciful holder of pain and trauma and we give her time to release what she’s holding. We soothe her and let her know it’s ok to rest. We give her the tender and compassionate attention she’s been craving.

She teaches us about tenderness, patience and courage.

“When we heal the painful gap that was caused by trauma and disassociation we can finally take our seat here in the present moment. We bow to her as the meeting place between heaven and earth.”  ~  Candace Kirby

All of Candace’s services are Trauma, PTSD, Complex Grief, Chronic Illness and Benzo withdrawal symptom sensitive.

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