Ode to Summer

My garden is alive this morning.

Flowers opening and bursting with colour

red, yellow, purple and orange.

Leaves in every shade of green.

Birds and birdsong.

Tiny Tim tomatoes

no bigger than the end of my little finger.

Little yellow flowery caps.

Strawberries peeking out from behind

their nighttime hiding places.

Spots of mold.

Basil, oregano, parsley and thyme

blend perfectly.


little unexpected bursts of delight.

Orange poppies

A baby woodpecker

laughing and looking up at me in surprise.

Hummingbirds confused

by the rich purple of my housecoat.

Two little mice

co-conspirators at the bird feeder.

I belong here.

I am part of this magical moment.

© Candace Kirby

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