Nervous System Reminders for the Holidays

Slowness helps us feel more connected to our bodies.

Avoid painful and worrisome narratives.

Don’t scare yourself.

Don’t scold yourself.

Listening to your bodies cues of YES and NO.

Notice when you have too much attention on your internal sensations.

Find support in your external environment. 

Pause to look, listen and touch.

Feel your feet on the ground and seat in the chair.

Make time for relaxation and enjoyment.

The body loves simplicity.

Do one thing at a time.

Don’t rush through things you enjoy.

Rest when you’re tired.

Reflect on your safe people, places and pets.

Allow yourself to arrive in each moment as you are.

Pause and notice.

The space around you is benevolent and you are part of that space.

Soften and soothe.

Connect to your body with gentle and reassuring touch.

Notice cues of settling.

Be your own best friend.

Welcome yourself back to the present moment over and over again.

Love, Candace ☆

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