Don’t stop
until Love has penetrated
every false belief
every misguided assumption
and all the holding places

Don’t stop
until Love has softened
and gently released
the fear wound tightly
and rooted in
your nervous system.

Don’t stop
until rest is your home
and your breath
flows smoothly and efficiently
from Source
back to Source.

Don’t stop
until your plea for redemption
is transformed into
absolute knowing and assurance
there is no-one else
Only One….

Don’t stop
until you recognize the way home
is exactly encoded
in your DNA
written in your heart
whispered with every breath.

Don’t stop
until the songbird sings a song
you recognize as your own
and the sun warms your
cheek like a welcome
unexpected kiss.

Don’t stop
until the Light and Love
you so desperately seek
is known to be
emanating from
your own heart.

Don’t stop
until you’ve given your all
to all that is
and every demand
has been left
at the feet of the Beloved.

Don’t stop
until your hands are empty
and your heart is full
and you have wept
a thousand tears of gratitude
and wide-eyed wonder.

© Candace Kirby

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