My wish for you is that you will find your way to a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself that will extend outward to all living things.

When you pay attention in a very open, kind and curious way you can begin to know your relationship with Life. You can know it in the way you relate to your experience of this moment. You can also know it in the way you relate to others.

It takes a lot of courage to look closely and begin to see that your world is being created from the inside out. If you live in a hostile internal world you will experience the world as hostile. If you have a core belief of worthlessness you will believe that is how others see you. It’s all projected from the inside out.  Everything.

And when it’s out of alignment with the Truth it hurts.

There’s no judgment in this because it’s what we’re all doing. It’s the human Being. But there is the possibility of waking up from the painful dream you are having. Life is always alerting us to what we’re believing and how we are holding our life experience.

Our physiology speaks to us through pain and although nobody likes pain there is absolute benevolence in the signals that say,

“Something is out of balance here”.

If you’re having those signals right now you can simply stop, notice and turn inward with the most kind and compassionate attention and ask a gentle question such as;

“What do I need right now?” “What do I need to know about this situation?” or “What am I believing?”

If nothing comes just patiently thank the pain/sensation/emotion for being present and wait until the answer is revealed.

This is such a compassionate way to tend to our systems. It’s also very respectful to listen. If you had a small child or friend that was tugging at your shirtsleeve you would probably, or eventually, stop and get curious. This is how we need to be with our own selves; kind, compassionate, respectful, patient, merciful, clear, courageous and deeply receptive.

These qualities are all attributes of our own essential nature and when we tend to ourselves this way we being to align ourselves with what is most true in us.

Your life is calling you back to this moment.

Are you listening?

This “way of being” with our self takes slowness and patience..


All of Candace’s services are Trauma, PTSD, Complex Grief, Chronic Illness and Benzo withdrawal symptom sensitive.

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