Did you ever have a day when the best thing feels like beginning again tomorrow.  It wasn’t a terrible day just a strange day filled with little inconveniences.  The water was shut off just when I was about to step into the shower.  No warning just no water.  I found a little water in the kettle to wash my face and brush my teeth. 

Then it was the neighbours on the street threatening anarchy over the strata bylaws and lack of warning about the water being turned off.  I love 80 year old women who have had enough of having no voice.  I love all women who have had enough of having no voice. 

Then it was the watermelon that had no taste when just last week I had the very sweetest juiciest watermelon.  I wrapped it back up in a bag and I put it back in the fridge knowing full well that I won’t eat it.  My conditioning around wasting food runs deep.  I can pretend I will eat it but I know I won’t.

Then in the afternoon I put a small load of laundry in the washer to check out the strange noise my washing machine has been making.  When I opened the lid  there were the shredded remains of a very large amount of kleenex I must have stuffed in my pocket after a big cry.  I considered cleaning it all up but just quietly closed the lid to be cleaned up tomorrow. 

When I woke up this morning I looked outside and my yard looked like my washing machine did last night.  The poplar trees shed their “fluff” last night and  there was fluff everywhere.  I started to laugh.  I wondered if my very strange day had followed me into today.  Did you know that this “fluff” is actually poplar seeds that are produced by the female trees of the species.  It makes complete sense that today they are “shedding their fluff”. 

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