This place is a resting place.

A safe place.

A place where you can relax and
breathe deeply into the space
in your chest
that hardly ever receives
any oxygen.

This is a resting place
where you can allow your neck to loosen and
your shoulders to droop
a little
allowing all the tension
to dissolve into the atmosphere
without making a single effort.

This is the place where
arguments cease
because there is nothing to defend here
a place to lay down your arms
an exhale
and resting

This is the place
where grief and exhaustion
are welcomed as friends
and guides
where the strong pull of defeat
finally wins
and you can lay your head

This is a resting place
where friends meet
and hold each other
gently and compassionately
as the sharp edges
of too much pretending
wear down

© Candace Kirby

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