Registered Professional Counsellor

Private Individual Counselling Sessions

I am a Registered Professional Counsellor, providing private counselling support on Vancouver Island and long distance support via Skype and Zoom. I provide support for people experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma and all types of mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.

With skilful and gentle attention I offer a combination of traditional talk therapy, somatic (body based) therapy and self-compassion practices to offer you a way to turn towards and transform patterns of pain and suffering. All of my services are trauma sensitive and based on present moment practices.

By telephone or Skype I can bring attention to your issues (what hurts) in a private and confidential way which is comfortable safe and supportive. Telephone and Skype counselling is an option for people who are traveling or for people who are unable to come to see me.

It is beneficial to commit to a series of sessions in order to make a greater impact and allow for changes to be integrated into your daily life.

“Candace gently encourages you to feel what is going on in the body and focus on healing... I feel safe with no pressure.”
~ Client

My fee is on a sliding scale between $90.00 and $125.00 CDN per hour. We can discuss the rate, which most accurately reflects your financial circumstances and ability to pay. If this rate is not something you can afford, I may be able to offer you a reduced rate.


  • 3 sessions: $225.00 - $312.00 CDN
  • 6 sessions: $450.00 - $625.00 CDN

For information and questions, please contact Candace @