Registered Professional Counsellor

Long Distance Sessions

I provide long distance counseling sessions by telephone, Skype or Zoom.

With long distance counseling we can bring attention to your issues in a private and confidential way which is comfortable safe and supportive. Long distance counseling is an option for people who are traveling or for people who are unable to come to see me.

The steps for arranging telephone counselling are:

  1. Contact me through email.
  2. I will ask you to write down the issues you would like to address, and email them to me.
  3. I will send you an email reply and give you instructions for preparing for the session, and also give you couple of choices of times for your first session.
  4. You pay for the session in advance using PayPal or bank transfer.

My fee is on a sliding scale between $90.00 and $125.00 CDN per hour. We can discuss the rate, which most accurately reflects your financial circumstances and ability to pay. If this rate is not something you can afford, she may be able to offer you a reduced rate.

  • 3 sessions: $225.00 - $312.00 CDN
  • 6 sessions: $450.00 - $625.00 CDN

After your first session you may decide whether you would like to arrange a further session or a group of sessions. The choice is always yours.

I have found that long distance counseling is very effective. Rather than being less personal, telephone skype and zoom sessions are a very real and intimate way of being together. I find that people are very relaxed in the comfort of their own homes and able to open up with no trouble at all. If you find it doesn't work as well for you please communicate this to me and we will work together to find something that does work for you.

For information and questions, please contact Candace @