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“Arriving at Candace’s is just that: Arriving... into quiet... into stillness... into space…”
~ CR

The Wings of Grace

Starts on Monday, February 25th, 2019
From 10:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
(sliding scale rates available)
For more information, email

Starting on February 25th, I will begin a 14-day group deepening process. A simple process that will support you in coming more fully into contact with yourself in the present moment.

The process will include an email prompt every second day. The prompt will include your practice for the next 2 days.

The support of an online private FB group where you can hang out and share your experience, insights and challenges. I will provide simple, clear and supportive guidelines for the FB private group.

During these 14 days together, I will gently and skillfully guide you in a simple and organic process of dropping into the present moment and connecting with yourself in a way you may have completely forgotten.

I will be available for any questions or difficulties that arise.

This event will be limited to 15 people to ensure that I can support each of you in your process.

“I loved the groups I attended with Candace.”
~ Participant

Payment can also be made with cash or cheque. All sessions are held at our Chemainus location at mid-Vancouver Island. Let me know if you need help with directions.

Love’s Awakening

I wanted you to be the first to know that I am publishing a collection of my poetry. These poems were written over the last few years as love woke up in me during the most difficult times. What a sweet surprise as even the most unbearable grief began to reveal itself as love.

These poems will speak directly to your heart with a gentle invitation to trust that no matter what you are experiencing love has you. They will provide you refuge as you come to know directly that you are the love you long for. You are the warm and tender embrace of existence herself. These poems will hold you in the Here and Now as you give your all to Love.

A Love this Big

When I have wandered too far
from myself
she calls me back.

Gentle at first
and then with a fierceness
that can’t be ignored.

In her arms
I am like a lost child

She holds me close
with tender

My heart opens
in this love so undeserved
that I can hardly bare it.

What can I do
with a love this big
except give my life to it.

~ Candace


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